8 Feb

BIM Roadmap

The Government has recently introduced its strategy to increase the use of BIM by public bodies. Over the next four years, the strategy will see that public bodies establish requirements for the use of BIM in the design, construction and operation of public buildings and infrastructure. Many large scale public projects currently underway already require the use of BIM and so it is with these larger projects that the strategy will begin. Minister Heather Humphries has stated that the Government sees BIM as a 'strategic enabler for improving decision making and delivery for both buildings and public infrastructure assets across the whole lifecycle.'

Apex Surveys has been involved in delivering BIM for many years and believe it is an extremely positive step for the Government to lead with such an initiative. BIM has had a type of organic growth in Ireland and the introduction of this strategy will accelerate this growth for public projects but will also have a knock-on effect on the private sector.

We believe that as we become more digitalised as a society with the Internet of Things influencing ideas such as ‘smart homes’, driverless cars and other innovations that there will be even more of a necessity for the built environment to be connected, well planned and well designed. With the Government leading by example with this strategy, Ireland will move forward in a way that will benefit patients in hospitals, children in schools and commuters using public infrastructure into the future. The benefits of public bodies using BIM for their assets includes faster communication and coordination, reduction in reworks, reduction in costs and much more.

APEX have been successfully delivering BIM for public and private clients for many years. An accurate as-built BIM of an asset such as a school, hospital or train station, measured with a 3D laser scanner provides the platform for any BIM project – whether it is a refit, redesign or the implementation of digital FM (Facilities Management). Apex Surveys can provide BIM of buildings, external environments and underground utilities.

For more information on Apex Surveys BIM capabilities please contact us on 01-6910156 or at info@apexsurveys.ie or to read the full government press release click here