Laser scanning to deliver detailed floor plans, elevations, sections and orthophotos of some of the most important historical landmarks in Ireland.

Project Scope

Apex Surveys were commissioned to laser scan and create elevations, floor plans and orthophotos of 5 National Monuments in the historical Trim district.

Monuments included Carlingford Castle, St Marys Abbey, Baylinn Cross, Kells Church and Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre. 

Our Solution

  • 3D photo realistic laser scanning carried out at each of the monuments using high precision laser scanning technology.
  • Point clouds registered in specialist scanning software.
  • Custom developed workflows and software used to create high accuracy elevations and floor plans of the monuments.
  • Accurate floor plans generated of Carlingford Castle and St Marys Abbey.
  • Photos rendered to create dimensionally accurate orthophotos of Carlingford Castle.
  • Orthophotos created to highlight architectural detail on the ceiling of St Marys Abbey. 

Survey Outputs

  • AutoCAD
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Orthophotos