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Please visit our drone department website at the link above. Drone enquiries can be made here at APEX Surveys or directly through APEX Drone. 

Our drone department utilises a wide range of industry specific UAV platforms, cameras and sensors which are operated by a team of highly skilled IAA certified drone pilots.

The data from our drones is collected and then processed in-house using specialist software and techniques by a large team of photogrammetrists, geomatics surveyors, BIM modellers, CAD technicians and media editors.

Below is a brief summary of the services provided by APEX Drone. Contact us today through either APEX Survey or APEX Drone.

What Apex Can Do For You

Drone Surveying and Mapping 

We use a range of fixed wing and rotary UAV platforms depending on the survey requirements. These platforms are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors to ensure we provide the most accurate drone surveys currently available.

Building Inspections 

Drones are a safe and efficient solution to inspect buildings that may be considered as inaccessible using traditionally manned inspection techniques. Our teams can arrive at short notice to provide a prompt and cost effective inspection.

Thermal Imaging 

By using high precision drones with infrared camera payloads we can quickly asset and generate a full report on construction details. 

Utility Tower and Powerline Inpsections 

Our teams provide a prompt and cost effective inspection with the Falcon 8 that can operate in close proximity to power infrastructures even in challenging conditions. 

Wind Turbine Inspections 

Our drone inspection team can quickly monitor wind blades, nacelle and tower's without the use of costly equipment traditionally needed to work at difficult heights. 

Multispectral Imaging 

From environmental to agricultural assessments our drones can carry out a broad range of multispectral imaging services.

Aerial Photography and Videography 

We can provide high resolution imagery and video for a range of applications including marketing, commercial films and movies etc. 

Bridge Inspections 

Our drone inspection team can quickly investigate bridges and structures that may not be easily accessible without the use of scaffolding or rope work.