High-precision monitoring of school building carried out over number of years.

Project Scope

Structural Monitoring provided on a continual basis to assess the movement of the building due to crack formations in the walls.

Our Solution

  • The project involved the monitoring of defined points in the school corridors and classrooms, defined points outside of the school footprint (e.g. surrounding footpath) and also defined points on the external walls of an auxiliary building.
  • Points in the corridors, classrooms and outside footpaths were monitored for movement in the Z axis.
  • Points on the auxiliary building were monitored for horizontal movement along the X and Y axis above and below the plinth line.
  • The results of the monitoring exercise determined if there was any movement in the building structure.

Survey Outputs

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Graphs illustrating movements
  • Digital Report

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