Apex Surveys offer a comprehensive mobile mapping solution utilising the industry leading Leica Pegasus 2. 

Our highly trained mobile mapping team has worked with the Pegasus 2 team to ensure the system is configured and optimised to work in the most challenging conditions. This allows us to provide the highest quality mobile mapping solution currently available in Ireland.

What is Mobile Mapping?

Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting 3D geospatial data from a moving vehicle that can be used on Land, Sea or Rail. The data is collected through vehicle mounted laser scanners, cameras and sensors while driving at regular speeds and is registered and processed at our head office.

The collected data is accurate to a survey grade levels and can be delivered in many specialist or industry standard formats such as AutoCAD topographic survey, point cloud, REVIT, GIS etc. 

Mobile Mapping Applications

  • Topographic surveys for large road projects.
  • White Line surveys.
  • Town or city street mapping and modelling.
  • Railway surveys.
  • Airport runway & taxiway surveys.
  • Quarry Mapping.
  • Beach and Cliff erosion mapping and monitoring.
  • Asset & GIS data collection.

Advantages of Mobile Mapping

  • Possible to survey 100+ KMs in a single day.
  • Survey grade accuracies.
  • No need for costly active traffic management which reduces public disruption.
  • Produces high accuracy point cloud data and standard topographic survey outputs.
  • Data can be easily checked on-site to ensure project completion and standards.