Hydrogrpahic surveys of minor and major waterways throughout Ireland for national flooding risk assessment.

Project Scope

The CFRAM Programme (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management) is central to the medium to long-term strategy for the reduction and management of flood risk in Ireland.

To assist with the programme hydrographic surveys are required of major waterways throughout the country.

Apex Surveys have provided survey works on many CFRAMS and similar projects. Generally, the surveys require cross section of the river at set intervals along with surveys of structures such as bridges, weirs and culverts. 

Our Solution

  • Survey of river beds carried out using survey vessel equipped with sonar technology.
  • River embankments surveyed using high precision GPS and total station.
  • Elevations of bridges and culverts carried out using total station or laser scanning technology.
  • Strict health and safety procedures implemented for working on and around water.
  • Thousands of cross sections surveyed to date.
  • Bed levels, water levels and embankment levels included in the survey deliverables.
  • Culvert levels, pipe diameters and structural dimensions included in the structural elevations and cross sections.

Survey Outputs

  • AutoCAD
  • Cross sections
  • Long sections
  • MIKE