Geophysical techniiques employed to map location of underground tombs and graves at Co Kilkenny Graveyard. 

Project Scope

St. Marys Graveyard, Co. Kilkenny conservation plan is the result of a number of years’ work and co-operation between the Trustees of St. Marys, Kilkenny City Council, The Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, An Taisce, The Kilkenny Archaeological Society, The Garda Sciochana, University College Maynooth, Kilkenny Security and the Heritage Council.

The stimulus for this plan arose from the concern of the people of Kilkenny to ensure the long-term survival of St. Mary’s Graveyard and the unique burial monuments it contains. 

The significance of the Graveyard is due to its central position and its potential to be an amenity for the whole city as well as the presence of the monuments of many notable historic personages of Kilkenny.

Apex Surveys were commissioned to conduct a GPR Survey to identify and map underground features such as tombs, graves and walls to include in the conservation plan.

Our Solution

  • Underground tombs, graves and ruins mapped using ground penetrating radar.
  • Particular care taken not to damage important monuments during the works.
  • Strong expertise required to interpret targets in the highly conductive subsurface.
  • Results from survey transferred to AutoCAD drawing.

Survey Outputs

  • 3D AutoCAD drawing
  • Technical report