12 hour response and monitoring provided for emergency works at Howth Graveyard. Monitoring continued over a 12 month period.

Project Scope

Howth Abbey is located in the town of Howth in North Dublin. The earliest church was established at the site in 1042 by Sitric, the Viking king of Dublin and replaced by an Abbey around 1235 which was re-founded in the late 14th century by the Arch Bishop of Dublin.

The Abby and cemetery are on raised ground which is contained by a large retaining wall. Severe flooding in 2011 caused the wall to become unstable.

Apex Surveys were commissioned to immediately visit the site to provide monitoring services before, during and after the rehabilitation works to support the wall.  

Our Solution

  • Wall monitored continuously prior and during construction.
  • Wall monitoring daily for first months after construction, then on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • High accuracy survey control network established to ensure quality of the monitoring results.
  • High-precision total station used to provide millimetre accurate results.
  • Immediate results sent to the interested parties.
  • Trigger levels set with warning notifications sent via email.
  • Alerts verbally communicated to construction workers on site.

Survey Outputs

  • Intelligent 3D graphs and spreadsheets
  • Email notifications
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Technical Report