Laser scanning of busy national motorway to produce topographic survey and specific 3D outputs.

Project Scope

Apex Survey were commissioned to carry out a high accuracy laser scan survey of 10km along the M7 Motorway at Portlaoise.

Our Solution

  • High precision control network input for the works.
  • Laser Scanner used to survey the road surface.
  • Combination of GNSS, total station and laser scanner utilised to survey off-carriageway.
  • Survey detail included the verge, hard shoulder, live carriageway and median.
  • Street furniture such as road signs, lampposts and service poles surveyed.
  • Services such as inspections covers and manholes surveyed.
  • Detailed health and safety procedures implemented to ensure safety of surveyors and the public.
  • Traffic MGMT as per Chapter 8.

Survey Outputs

  • 3D AutoCAD drawings
  • DTM
  • Survey report