Detailed floor plans, elevations and sections of large mental health facility in the midlands.

Project Scope

St Lomans is a large mental health facility in Mullingar which comprises of multiple buildings and green areas.

Apex Surveys were commissioned to carry out a survey of the building to include floor plans, elevations and cross section. 

Our Solution

  • The two storey building includes offices, wards, kitchens, stairwells and other rooms.
  • Cross sections required through the building.
  • Survey carried out using high precision total station and specialist MBS software.
  • Works carried out in a sensitive environment which required special procedures to ensure minimal disruption to patients.
  • Work with hospital staff to ensure minimal disruption to patients.
  • Internal floor plans included walls, windows, doors, beams, columns, fixtures, mechanical and electrical services, radiators, sockets, sanitary ware and light fixtures.
  • External Elevations including building lines, roof, parapet, windows, doors, sill levels, gutters, downpipes.

Survey Outputs

  • Cross Sections
  • Digital drawings delivered in AutoCAD and PDF formats
  • Digital Report delivered in PDF format