Over 100km of high-detailed topographic surveys carried out in busy urban environments. 

Project Scope

The National Transport Authority or NTA is the transport authority for Greater Dublin and the public transport licensing agency for Ireland.

Through a public procurement process Apex Surveys were selected to carry out topographic surveys for NTA funded projects.

Our Solution

  • Carry out topographic surveys and produce 3D drawings of routes proposed for civil/ construction works.
  • High precision control networks established for the surveys.
  • Survey are carried out on urban roads and range from 1km to 20km in length.
  • Linear features include road levels, road markings, kerb lines, building lines and traffic islands.
  • Street furniture such as lampposts, signs, traffic lights, services poles and parking meters’ surveys.
  • Service infrastructure such as manholes, inspection covers, gas valves and water valves surveyed.
  • Over 1,000 high precision survey control points coordinated to date.
  • Over 100km of roads surveyed to date.
  • Over 10,000 cross sections and long sections generated.

Survey Outputs

  • 2D AutoCAD drawings
  • 3D AutoCAD drawings
  • Cross sections
  • Long sections
  • Technical Reports
  • SCC data files
  • TIN Model
  • MOSS
  • MX