Survey of embankments, floodplains, bed levels and water levels of large river in the north west.

Project Scope

The River Finn is a large watercourse which flows through counties Donegal and Tyrone.

It is proposed to provide a new link road connection to the A5 Western Transport Corridor in Northern Ireland over the River Finn, and its floodplains, to a roundabout on the north of the river immediately to the south west of Lifford.

Apex Surveys were commissioned to carry out a hydrographic survey at the proposed river crossing to be used in the design process.

Our Solution

  • Bed levels surveyed using survey vessel equipped with specialised sonar technology.
  • Embankments surveyed using high precision total station and GPS
  • Strict health and safety procedures implemented to ensure safety of staff.
  • Particular attention to detail required at location of proposed bridge.
  • Elevations of existing upstream bridge surveyed.
  • Cross sections and long sections generated at 30m intervals.

Survey Outputs

  • 3D model supplied in AutoCAD format
  • Cross sections
  • Long sections
  • Technical Report