Floor plan, elevations and sections produced of historical building along with topographic survey of approx 300 acres of surrounding lands..

Project Scope

Newbridge House is a large Georgian Mansion within the Newbridge Demesne Regional Park. It was acquired by Fingal County Council in 1985 who have been undertaking continual renovations and maintenance work ever since.

Apex Surveys carried out a full topographical survey of the demesne, along with elevations and floor plans of the main house and other specified barns and outhouses. The resulting survey drawings were used as the basis for future refurbishment projects.

Our Solution

  • Approx 300 acres of lands consisted of open fields, large areas of woodlands, farmlands and other yard and park areas.
  • The internal road network was surveyed along with the public road which runs around the perimeter of the demesne.
  • Works carried out at busy park which remained open to the public.
  • Internal survey required particular care not to damage historical furniture and fixtures.
  • Works carried out during extreme winter conditions with heavy snowfall.
  • Topographical surveys were required at 1:250 around the main buildings, and 1:500 for the remainder of lands.
  • Floor plans and elevations produced at scale 1:100.

Survey Outputs

  • 2D AutoCAD drawings
  • 3D AutoCAD drawings
  • A1 plots
  • Technical Report
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model)