3D Laser Scanning and BIM Survey to create detailed REVIT Model of existing office and historical buildings.

Project Scope

Apex Surveys were commissioned to create a BIM model of a selection of buildings and surroundings within the Trinity College campus including Oisin House and The Printing House.

Our Solution

  • 3D Laser scanning carried out internally and externally at Oisin House and the Printing House.
  • High precision laser scanning technology and custom workflows utilised to ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • Laser scanning data processed and adjusted to create 3D point cloud.
  • Point cloud data modelled using specialised and custom developed software to create accurate REVIT model.
  • Custom REVIT families and features created for architectural features which were specific to the building. This was particularly required of the Printing House which was built in the late 1600s and consists of many ornate and specific features.
  • Facades of surrounding buildings included in the model to provide context.
  • Toposurface created of the site to provide context on external features such as kerbs, paths, walls, services and other features.
  • Full underground utility and topographic survey carried out of the site.

Survey Outputs

  • AutoCAD