Apex Surveys provide a full range of engineering surveys to suit any building or civil construction project. Our surveyors and management team have the experience, capability and technology to resolve even the most complex survey challenges.

What Apex Surveys can do for you

Site Survey Control 

Survey Control is a network of permanent reference points used for setting-out and/or mapping purposes.

We provide site control in local or national grid to millimetre / sub-millimetre accuracies. This is often achieved using a combination of high precision GPS, Total Station and Digital Levelling. 

We pride ourselves on accuracy and design our control networks meticulously to ensure adequate redundancy for data analysis and adjustments. We have access to the highest precision total stations on the market and use dedicated processing software to ensure we provide you with the most accurate and reliable coordinates possible.

Setting Out 

Setting Out is the process of transferring the coordinates of a building, road or structure from design drawings to the ground/site. Markers can be setout on the ground using stakes, nails or bolts depending on your requirements and/or ground conditions.

We use high precision total station and GPS for setting out. Total station is generally used on high precision building and structure works with GPS used on civil contracts such as road and infrastructure projects. We supply setting out points in whichever coordinate system you require and to millimetre / sub-millimetre accuracies. 

We can work on price or term contracts and have the instrumentation, people and experience to set out on small or large scale projects.

What we can deliver

  • Setting Out Services
  • Site Control
  • High precision surveying
  • Laser Scanning

How we can help

Please call 01-6910156 or email info@apexsurveys.ie and one of our experienced team will provide a free consultation and/or quotation which fits your needs.