The objective of a hydrographic survey is to produce a true to scale representation of a particular river, stream, lake or water feature. Hydrographic surveys include all natural and man-made features along the watercourse which are represented by text, lines and symbols on the drawing. 

Typical features include top of bank levels, bottom of bank levels, water levels and bed levels. Typical structures include weirs, bridges and culverts.

What Apex can do for you

Our survey vessels are equipped with high precision sonar which is linked to survey grade GNSS technology. This system enables us to survey even the widest and deepest waterways safely and accurately. 

We use GPS and total station equipment to survey embankments, smaller waterways and structures such as bridges, walls and weirs. Survey information is processed through dedicated mapping software to produce a range of hydrographic survey deliverables.

What we can deliver

  • River and channel cross sections
  • 3D Models
  • DTM
  • CAD Drawings
  • ASCII and text outputs
  • MOSS
  • MIKE

How we can help

We are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hydrographic surveying and would be delighted to assist with your project.

Please call 01-6910156 or email and one of our experienced directors will provide a free consultation and/or quotation which fits your needs.