Monitoring is the systematic measurement and tracking of the shape, dimension or position of an object, structure or building. 

Monitoring is generally conducted over a set period of time at intervals specific to the task. The objective of the monitoring exercise is to determine the movement and the frequency of the movement.

What Apex can do for you

We have carried out monitoring exercises for many applications some of which include risk management, emergency monitoring, structural monitoring, deformation analysis, predictive maintenance, construction monitoring and automated alerts. 

Our experienced surveyors and management team can develop custom designed monitoring solution to suit your needs. The solutions are extremely dynamic and range from just one surveyor visiting your site annually to 24-hour automated monitoring systems with instant updates sent to your phone or computer.

We use 3D Laser Scanners, high precision GPS, Total Station, Digital level and Invar Staff, geotechnical sensors or a combination of these solutions depending on your requirement. 

All our equipment is calibrated and field verified for each monitoring project to ensure we can provide you with reliable and consistent data. Our surveyors and management team will work with you to determine trigger levels, accuracy and frequency and apply a system which can deliver alerts on your computer, tablet and phone.

What we can deliver

  • Survey Reports
  • Text and email alerts
  • Automated trigger systems
  • Trend graphs and charts
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • CAD drawings
  • Visualisations
  • Cross sections

How we can help

Monitoring is a highly specialised field which requires a combination of experience and high level technical ability.

Please call 01-6910156 or email and one of our experienced team will provide a free consultation and/or quotation which fits your needs.