We are now offering a comprehensive range of custom developed solutions to suit the requirements of the forestry and agricultural sectors.

Some of the services we provide include;

Drone Multispectral Imaging

We use advanced drone technology for crop surveillance, environmental assessments and research projects. With multiple benefits such as measurement of crop biomass, identifying areas of crop failure, disease and weeds it is an excellent solution for those concentrating on precision agriculture.

Drone Surveying, Inspections and Monitoring

We use drone technology alongside industry specific photo, video and thermal payloads to survey and inspect multiple aspects of the site. Drones can map large green field areas in just a few hours and are extremely efficient at inspecting hard to reach roofs or hazardous areas utilising visual and thermal imaging to identify leaks and areas of heat loss.

Tree Tagging and Mapping

At Apex we use industry specific laser scanning technology to efficiently and cost effectively map and tag tree locations, trunk girths and canopy spread dimensions. We also use drone technology to map tree canopy positions and heights.

Emergency Response

Our drones can quickly locate and assess forest fires and possible flooding in emergency response situations.

Topographic and Utility Surveys

We provide topographic and underground utility mapping for sites, roads, rural lands and brown field sites along with elevations and floor plans of buildings for planning applications. We also provide surveys of rivers, streams and lakes using sonar technology.

Our survey division can utilise a large team of experienced surveyors to deliver your survey in traditional CAD formats or newer formats such as BIM/ REVIT.