What Apex can do for you

Apex Surveys provide a wide range of legal survey services, some of which include land registration, property subdivision, area determination, boundary dispute resolution and accident-scene mapping. The professional qualifications of our senior staff enable us to act as expert witnesses should court actions arise and our directors have acted in this capacity in the past.

We use high precision surveying equipment to survey the true nature of the property/ site on the ground and are extremely efficient with studying existing historical, land registry or ordnance survey maps to ensure we can provide you with a profession legal mapping service.

What we can deliver

  • land registry compliant maps for 1st registration
  • setting out of boundaries on the ground
  • expert witness

How we can help

Experience is the key to providing quality legal mapping services. We have over 25 years of experience in legal mapping with our directors acting as expert witness in legal hearings.

Please call 01-6910156 or email info@apexsurveys.ie and one of our experienced team will provide a free consultation and/or quotation which fits your needs.