Apex Surveys has carried out significant survey works at Dublin Airport which is the busiest airport in Ireland. We have also carried out numerous surveys at regional and military airports throughout the country so understand the specific requirements at such facilities.

We appreciate access can often be limited to certain times of the day or night, that often multiple survey crews must be mobilised to maximise the runway closures and are prompt in our actions to ensure our staff have the necessary permits and clearance before going airside.

Some airport surveys we have carried out include topographic and utility surveys of runways, aprons and roads. Laser scanning, BIM and measured building surveys of buildings and structures and many other specialist surveys and services.

Ports and Harbours

Apex Surveys have carried out significant survey works at Dublin Port which handles almost 50% of the Republic’s trade, two thirds of all containerised trade and is the largest of the three base ports on the island of Ireland. We have also carried out surveys on many other ports and harbours some of which include Cork, Limerick, Dun Laoghaire and Wicklow.

We know the restrictions and health and safety procedures required to work at ports and utilise our specific experience to ensure our projects run safely and efficiently.

Some of the surveys carried out at the port include topographic surveys, utility mapping, laser scanning and setting out.