In 25 years Apex Surveys has surveyed over 1,000 bridges and structures. Some of which include bridges, culverts and weirs for hydraulic modelling and flood relief studies. Bridges spanning rail and road lines such as major motorway bridges on the M1 and M3 motorway and many railway bridges throughout the country. We are extremely well equipped with technology such as laser scanners and total station to ensure every detail of the bridge/ structure can be surveyed regardless of terrain/ access difficulties. Some of the services we provide include bridge elevations, GPR inspections, structural monitoring and many more.

We have surveyed many watercourses throughout the country and have worked on some of the major projects including CFRAMS, River Blackpool in Cork, River Suir and many more rivers through the country. We are well equipped with the most advanced hydrographic survey technology including survey vessels, sonar and high accuracy GNSS equipment.